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Who will first adjust?

I who waits…

You who never move forward…

We’ll never meet…

We’ll never flee…

Stuck since… 2014


-There has to be a compromise.

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A world without faith…fathom that.

Do we, as people, need religion to be able to differentiate what actions are right from wrong? If one lacks religion, or a faith system how is it simultaneously inconceivable that one could still be a decent, successful (by their own definition), compassionate person?

Any and all input is appreciated, let’s exchange our views!

Would you rather….lose eyesight or hearing?

Perhaps I’m slightly biased because I grew up with deaf parents, but out of the two I think I could do without my hearing because for me giving up the ability to see the world around me is irreplaceable; there’s so much visual beauty in the world. It’s practical and I would be able to enjoy music and such through vibrations.

So, would you rather lose your eyesight (but have been able to see at one point) or your hearing (but be able to feel vibrations, of course)?

Any and all feedback/input is welcomed!