A world without faith…fathom that.

Do we, as people, need religion to be able to differentiate what actions are right from wrong? If one lacks religion, or a faith system how is it simultaneously inconceivable that one could still be a decent, successful (by their own definition), compassionate person?

Any and all input is appreciated, let’s exchange our views!


Would you rather….lose eyesight or hearing?

Perhaps I’m slightly biased because I grew up with deaf parents, but out of the two I think I could do without my hearing because for me giving up the ability to see the world around me is irreplaceable; there’s so much visual beauty in the world. It’s practical and I would be able to enjoy music and such through vibrations.

So, would you rather lose your eyesight (but have been able to see at one point) or your hearing (but be able to feel vibrations, of course)?

Any and all feedback/input is welcomed!

Fortitude in this life, day in and day out.


Negativism is a powerful thing. All too often we allow what others say poison our minds. Sometimes we lose sight of the real reason(s) behind what we’re doing with our lives because maybe just one person had to put their input about your life. Some people mean well and have good hearts but lack tact and when they try to articulate “encouragement” it comes off as harsh, demanding judgment; perhaps even condescending at times. Some people are pessimists and skeptics; no matter what may happen they always expect an unfortunate outcome. Then there are the plain out haters. Who’s to say if any of these types of people mean to do what they do maliciously; either way, it is toxic and can really affect another’s thoughts and outlook. 

If you’re anything like me: you’re always striving to be a better you, always  have a bigger picture in mind of an enhanced way of living. You’ve set standards for what you want and they may be high but only because you understand who you are and only you know what you’re willing and capable of achieving. I spend a lot of my down time researching an array of things that pertain to this beautiful, mysterious life. I wish I could learn it all, and I mean really understand the hows and whys of existence.

I keep up with world news, and no, not the biased, filtered mainstream news; the real unfortunate, gritty type of news that tells it like it is. Because I can appreciate someone who isn’t afraid to tell the truth, we need that. Sometimes it gets real discouraging and depressing, but then there’s other times it’s like when I hear the stories a fire gets started inside me. I’m angry and I’m furious, “WHY, WHY is the world really like this? WHY can’t we just turn it into simplicity.”

It’s fear.

Fear of the unknown is why there’s so much hate and hurt in the world today and ever since it was created from the cosmos. The human brain and emotions is what differentiates us from “wild animals”. It’s evolved so fascinatingly and thus makes us superior of all species; But all in the same it’s the most destructive of existence.

Humans gets anxious when they’re faced with unfamiliar surroundings and people. Instead of attempting to understand they’re quick to shun like the plague. Fear has permeated into our everyday lives. We’re afraid to take life-changing chances like quitting a job or starting up a company because of the unknown outcome. So what, we’re left to fend for ourselves in poverty, serving the heartless corporate world (Really don’t want to get into a tirade on this topic; Definitely for another post)

Thanks to society a lot of us are confined to living a socially acceptable life because anything but the “norm” is typically frowned upon. It is innate in us to be a part of a community, a tribe, united.  We’re afraid to speak our minds about how we really feel, or share with others the things that may make us happy because they wouldn’t understand. Why should we have to allow certain people dictate how we feel or what path we end up pursing in life? 

At the end of the day regardless of our families, friends, relationships, even offspring; we should strive to have our own best interests at heart. Do what makes you happy, whatever that may be. Because ultimately ensuring that you’re happy will affect your attitude and actions towards others; like a domino effect. I hope for a day where we all can put our negative traits and thoughts aside to just influence others to do good and just help one another. Take a moment to just get to know more people you encounter day-to-day, you may learn something.

“Courage is to never let your actions be influenced by your fears.” –Arthur Koestler

Ever heard someone say “It’s easier said than done.”; Well, no truer words have been spoken. Dreams are something I know all too well; They’re the thing(s) that keeps most of us going. Hell, it’s what we need most days just to convince ourselves to wait things out; “They’ve just got to get better at some point.” They will. They just have to.

Whoever you are, where ever you are at this moment in your life, find something, anything  that makes you feel as  important as you truly are. Just daydream of a different life, if your circumstances aren’t the greatest. Dream of ways you can advance in any position you are in, present day. Imagine your big picture and don’t stop expanding on that until it manifests itself. It all starts with you; the only one in charge of your destiny. 

Welp, this is my first post in 2 years, and there is much more to come. I am fuming with thoughts and perspectives. I would love any and everyone’s feedback and contribution. I want to put out material to get people talking.

Thanks for stopping by!